West Epping  Summer Women's comp

West Epping

The Hills
West Epping

West Epping Oval

Synthetic grass surface, great lighting and the facilities include change rooms (with showers and toilets)

200 lux floodlighting and 4 large 6 a side fields; the fields (48m long by 35m wide).    

  • Field 1 – Bernabeu 
  • Field 2 – Wembley 
  • Field 3 - Old Trafford
  • Field 4 - San Siro

Comp categories

Adult - Men & women-All age, o35, o30, o45, u18 & adult mixed. Mon (Dec-Mar)  1 x 12 week comps (6.40-9.30pm)

Some more info

Only full team registrations are accepted (min 8 players to register in a team-6 play on field). 

Adult teams are responsible for their own playing uniforms. Numbers are now required on the shirts of all adult teams. Adult teams can purchase uniforms from Super 6 Soccer for an extra fee. 

O35 O45 men's and women's teams can only register players that are in that age category

This season we will accept single registrations to form teams where possible and only if we get the required number of singles to form a team. Fore more information click here



The registration fees can be viewed in the tab above.

Click on the following link for a little more information and to register your team or register yourself  Register to play 

Comp Dates

Comp 2 (Dec-Mar)

Sun 10 Dec, Mon 18 Dec 2024 /Mon 7 Jan- 18 Mar 2025

Adults-Men women all age o35 o45, adult mixed & u18 6.40-9.30pm (2 Sundays then 15/22 Dec before xmas then all Mondays from 6 Jan to Mon 24 Mar

10 rounds + semis & finals (all teams play in semis round)11-12 games


Game length and times

Game times may vary depending on the number of teams in each age group

Junior games are 30 minutes (2x15 minute halves), swap at half time.

Game times for adults will be allocated on a random basis.

Adult games are 34 minutes (2x17 minute halves), with a straight swap at half time.


Category Times

Playing Category

Times Approx. (pm)  

Male /Female u18


Men/Women All age 


Men/Women Over 35/45


Mixed adult





Games will go ahead if its been raining or raining on the day of play

Games will only be stopped if lightning or only in severe weather conditions. Click here for more details on weather cancellation policy.

Adult single player registration fee 

Kareela Adult Individual Player Registration

  Comp 2   (Dec-Mar) registration dates

Player Fee

Player  fee (uniform purchase)

Super early bird (15% off)

9 Oct - 22 Oct



Early bird fee (10% off):

22 Oct- 20 Nov



Standard fee:

20 Nov- 27 Nov 



Registration close

27 Nov- 30 Dec



Late registration fee

14 Nov - 3 Dec



Comp dates

17 Dec - 7 Jan - 18 Mar



No Games





  • Teams must register a min of 8 players
  • Adult teams are responsible for their own playing uniforms
  • Adult teams are to have matching shirts shorts and socks.
  • No t-shirts/singlets or black as a shirt colour.
  • Teams must have numbers on shirts.
  • Adult teams may purchase uniforms for an extra fee (this is included in the uniform rego fee)
  • Uniform purchase for adults teams is only available before 18 August.




Adult Team Registration fee  

Kareela comp        Adult Team Registration

    Comp 2   (Dec -Mar)  Rego dates

Team fee 8 Player  (2% off)

Team fee 9 Player  (5% off)

Team fee 10 Player  (8% off)

Super early bird team fee (15% off)

19 Aug - 9 Sep




Early bird team fee (10% off):

10 Sep - 29 Sep




Standard team fee:

30 Sep - 13 Nov




Registration close

13 - Nov




Late registration team fee

14 Nov - 3 Dec




Comp dates

9 Jan - 26 Mar




No Games






  • The team discount fee will only be available for adult teams.
  • This team discount will only be given to teams that pay the entire team fee upfront.
  • All players will still be required to set up accounts and register online
  • Full team fee can only be paid for 8 9 or 10 players.
  • All players need to still register their details on line or the team will not be accepted into the competition.
  • Adult teams cannot use the team method to purchase playing strips (need to register individually).
  • The team payment is not available to junior teams.