Thanks Guys for a really fun comp. Its been great to see how all the teams have developed in a short time. And thank you for taking the time to help explain things to the kids when reffing.

The kids have all really enjoyed it so thank you for all the effort you've put in.  


Iain Campbell
Managing Director
Digital Canteen

Hi Leo,

No problem. Thanks again for a lovely season, the girls had a wonderful time, most had never played soccer before. 



“This is my first year in summer soccer and I am really enjoying it. The teams
in my comp are really competitive which makes for a great comp”. I think all of the referees do a great job."
"Informative website, extremely good officials, tightly (and well) run,
competitive games....all in all, excellent".
"Its been great fun for myself and the boys at late night sbs thanks for your
efforts and dedication leo. thanks"

"Good venue, professional equipment, all runs pretty smoothly
"Extremely well organised, games always running on time, fields set up with
clear markings, emails always sent out with notifications and website easy to

"Very happy with the running of the competition, Its well organised, and love
the sausage sandwiches".

"Much more organised than any soccer comp I have ever been involved with before"

" No major problems, facilities and refs and regulations very good

"Well organised good referees good equipment"

"Your effort has to be congratulated. The competition is one of the best run
comps I have participated in"

"Leo and his team do an exceptional job running this comp and they are a credit to the sport"

Great comp, well organised and also flexible, friendly, sociable and low on
admin - great!

Top Comp Leo - you've done well again. Got to say I think the standard of ref's has been great –

"Well organised competition, like anything it takes time to perfect something, I believe the organization is on the right track, for me isn’t about getting fit, winning comes second........... if I wasn’t playing i would be in front of a TV
or nagging with the wife well done boys."
"I haven't played outdoor for some years (on account of old age), but I have
thoroughly enjoyed this season. The ground staff and refs have been friendly and helpful and all our games have been played in a very good spirit. Now, if only we could start winning..."

"First season in this competition and I have really enjoyed it, just wished the
games were slightly longer"
"You have a well organised tournament this year, the best I have seen in a long while"

"Its a great competition, we have enjoyed it thoroughly"

"I think the competition is great: well run, good attitude, lots of fun, not
taking it too seriously. Thanks heaps."

"I find that a competition like this is a good way of getting ready for pre-season one of the best comps I have played in."

"We enjoy participating in this comp. It is an good way to keep fit in the off
season" women's team - "Thanks for organising, it's a great comp!"

"Leo you are doing well with this comp, in your attempt to both introduce more people to soccer which can be seen by the large increase in both male and female teams this year. Congratulations!!"

"If the social comp was stopped I would be outraged. It's well run and
responsibly run. Lots of people enjoy themselves and it's got a good social vibe unlike some soccer comps where people act like it's the world cup & with disregard for safety. I would be outraged and really disappointed!"

"This comp is an excellent service to the sport. Councils should support it!!!"

"Leo, you run an extremely well organised event this year. The grounds are great and the overall running of the games you are to be commended.

“Competitions like Super 6 provide good ways for people from different backgrounds to get involved in sport in general, and football in particular."

" Have played in various comps - both indoor and outdoor - and this is the best run by a country mile!!


From all the guys at Officially United, thanks for a great comp. Well organised, well refereed, good playing spirit ... we all had a lot of fun. We didn’t expect to win it at our first attempt – so that was a nice bonus.

Put us down for next year !