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Below your will find general info about our comps. Stuff you may need to know before you register

Comp categories

Adult - Men & women-All age, o35, o30, o45 Adult mixed u18 Male u18 Female (6 a side)

Youth - u12 to 16 youth boys and girls (6 a side)

Junior - u8 to u11, mixed, boys and girls (6 a side)

Mini - u6 u7 mixed, boys and girls (5 a side)

Comp Duration


The comp usually involves 1 or 2 rounds of games depending on the number of teams in each division (6-7 team comp has two rounds 11-12 team comp 1 round).

12 weeks - one evening a week (includes 10 rounds, 1 semi/friendly and finals) - see comp location tabs for days played, dates (including exclusion dates) and times.

Grass field venues - 14 weeks allocated to allow for to weather cancelled rounds. - More info click here- round and game cancellation policy.

Mini, Junior, Youth comps played Sep-Dec

Adult & u18 comps played Sep- Dec, Jan-Mar Apr-Jun July-Sep

For more on what comps are on and where - click here venues


All teams play during semi finals. Semi final format for 6-7 team comps is top 4 and for comps with 8 to 12 teams it is to 4 then next 4 split into 2 grades. 

Drawn games in semi finals and finals will be decided on a penalty shoot except for under 6/7 comps played on the small field. In this category highest placed teams go through to next stage if games are drawn. 

Juniors - Trophies awarded to winning teams and medals to the runners up. Best player awards will also be awarded be presented at the end of the competition.

Adults- Winning cups and awards to teams that win the respective grand finals. No runner up awards.

Team playing category

Teams will categorized based on selected playing category and division when registering and on previous comp performance and/or grading. We may re-categorize, if a team is under or over performing in the allocated category. 

If team category numbers are low we may combine age and genders categories. Some examples:

  • u10 girls with u9 girls boys or mixed
  • U11 girls with u10 boys.
  • u11 girls with u10 girls
  • u8 with u9 boys girls or mixed

Comp playing categories will only go ahead once we have a min of 4 teams.

If we do not have enough teams to combine into a min of 4 teams we will notify teams and provide a full refund.

For more info on age category cancellation and refunds please click here.

Game duration

Junior/ youth  games - Each game is 30 minutes in duration with 15 minutes played in each half, with 1-minute halftime break.

Adult and u18 Games - Each is game 34 minutes in duration with 17 minutes played in each half , with 1-minute halftime break.


Pitch size

Adult & juniors (U8-U16) -Size of pitch is approximately 48m x 30m. Goal area semi-circle of 6m radius.

Juniors (U6 & U7) - Size of pitch is approximately 35m x 24m, no goal area or goal keepers- Smaller goals used.

Rego Fees

The fees for each comp can be found in the venue tabs. Select the location/venue you are interested or click below - and yes we accept active kids vouchers.

Team numbers

Full team registrations are only accepted (8 players per team as a minimum) (min of 7 players for the mini under 7s as their comp will be 5 a side)

U7 teams play without keeper on half fields 30 x 24m (with smaller goals) - 5 on field

U8 and up play with keeper on regular super 6 size field 48x30 (6 on field)

Click here for more info on forming a team.


We do not normally take single registrations. We do not place singles into other teams, unless a team asks us- which is rare.

In 2023 we will however get any new singles to start a single team and get any other singles who want to play in the same category to register into that team.

This season we will accept single registrations to form teams where possible and only if we get the required number of singles to form a team.

Single players will be asked to register a team in the category they want to play and register their details and pay

You will need to contact us that you have done this with the location category and name of team and your name and your child's name if its a junior team.

We will then direct any new singles for that category to join the team. Once there is the minimum number of player in that team we will notify you. (as the initiator of that singles team)

We do suggest you try your best to recruit others from your contacts to join the team to give it a chance of getting the required numbers.

As a team organiser you can check to see who has registered in your team.

If a singles team does not get the required numbers we will cancel the team and provide full refunds.

Playing uniforms

Junior and youth teams get a full quality uniform (shirt shorts and socks) to play in and keep.

Junior and youth team uniforms are included in the registration fee and must be worn in this competition

Adult teams are responsible for their own playing uniforms and t-shirts and singlets are not permitted. All adult teams are to have matching shirts shorts and socks. The colour black is no longer permitted. 

Numbers are now required on the shirts of all adult teams.

Adult teams can purchase uniforms from Super 6 Soccer for an extra fee.

For more info on uniforms click here