Terms and conditions all team's (updated 3/8/2020)

I hereby consent to play or for my child to play under the jurisdiction of the Super 6 Soccer competition as run by Super 6 Soccer as a registered AMATEUR player and agree to observe all the rules and regulations and code of conduct of the competition (incl. playing rules and disciplinary rules) and the directions of Super 6 Soccer Pty Ltd, and its officers.

I acknowledge that participating in this competition has inherent risks and I understand that my registration or my child’s registration excludes personal injury insurance.

I waive the right to make any claim against Super 6 Soccer Pty Ltd, directors and officers, the competition manager, staff, and volunteers, in the event of a personal injury (including death) sustained by myself or my child in participating in the competition.

I am responsible for obtaining personal injury cover or insurance for myself or my child.

I unconditionally and irrevocably indemnify Super 6 Soccer, competition manager, staff and volunteers against any claim, loss or expense, including, without limitation, medical costs and loss of income, incurred as a result of or arising in connection with Covid-19 sickness and any personal injury or death sustained by me or my child while participating in this competition.

I understand that the activities in which I or my child will participate:

· Will be physically demanding
· May involve a significant risk of physical harm.
· May involve a risk in the contraction of Covid-19

My or my child’s participation in this activity is voluntary and not compulsory.

I understand that certain inherent risks exist in the activities in which I will be participating.

Although the organisation “Super 6 Soccer Pty Ltd” directors, officers, staff and volunteers will provide me or my child with appropriate direction and will endeavour to minimise the exposure to the risk of harm, these inherent risks are beyond the control of Super 6 Soccer Pty Ltd, the Directors and officers, the competition manager, its volunteers and staff and cannot be avoided by the exercise of reasonable care and skill. Inherent risks include changes in weather conditions and availability of emergency medical assistance and the risk of contracting Covid-19.

I acknowledge that participating in Super 6 Soccer may involve the following risks, among others:

· Losing control and colliding with obstacles such as goal post or other people;
· Slipping and falling on slippery terrain or uneven terrain or playing field
· Getting kicked or bumped taking part in the activity:
· Getting hit by the ball at high speed; 
· Being exposed to changes in weather

and being exposed and contracting Covid-19

I authorise Super 6 Soccer Pty Ltd. Directors and officers, the competition manager or his staff to arrange medical treatment and emergency evacuation services on my behalf and at my cost, in the event of my or my child’s injury or illness, as they deem necessary. I understand that my or my child’s registration fee includes personal accident insurance and any medical expense is my responsibility.

When participating in the Super 6 soccer competition I will ensure that I and/or my child will wear the appropriate sportswear such as shin pads and football boots (no bladed studs allowed).

I understand that Super 6 Soccer Pty Ltd, its Directors and officers, its volunteers and staff will endeavour to keep personal items safe but they accept no responsibility for the safekeeping of those items. I will also endeavour to keep any spectators I have invited a safe distance from the playing field, which may also be at risk of a being hit by a ball. 

I also understand that it is a condition of participation in any of these activities for me to accurately inform the administrators of Super 6 Soccer of any pre-existing medical condition before participating in this competition. 

I also understand and fully accept Super 6 Soccer Playing rules and regulations and code of conduct including rules and regulations related to team and player registrations.

I also now agree to fully accept Super 6 Soccer's Covid-19 advice and direction- including accepting Super 6 Soccer’s Covid-19 Plan and policies - limiting spectators to one parent guardian for junior teams, restricting teams to players and one team organiser, turning up playing and leaving immediately after game is played. 

Practice social distancing and no shaking of hands- before and after games.

More importantly agree to adhere to government and Super 6 Soccer advice/ direction on what to do if feeling unwell, currently being Covid-19 tested, are close to someone that is being tested or if you or your child has contracted Covid-19.

The Super 6 Soccer Competition (the “Competition”) is operated by “Super 6 Soccer” trading as Super 6 Soccer Pty Ltd (“Super 6 Soccer”).

The Competition will be played under FIFA Laws of the Game and the Super 6 Soccer Playing Rules and Regulations. If there is a conflict between the FIFA Laws of the Game and the Super 6 Soccer Playing Rules the Super 6 Soccer Playing Rules will take precedence over the FIFA Laws of the Game.

The competitions will only go ahead subject to council approval- if competitions do not proceed registrations will be refunded. 

Games may be cancelled due to ground closure due to pitch flooding or due to bad weather or lightning- refunds will not be given if games are not played as a result of this happening. 

Games or the competition may be cancelled due to Covid-19 government order or an infected participant.  See Covid-19 refund policy at www.super6soccer.com.au -about us section. 

Super 6 Soccer will not provide refunds (full or part) to players who are unable to participate after registering e.g. injury, sickness, moving away from area etc. 

Active kids’ vouchers - once used are non-returnable or refundable. 

Super 6 Soccer reserves the right to:

· Refuse the registration application of a team and/or a player into the Competition
· Cancel the registration of a player and/or a team in the Competition subject to the Super 6 Soccer Playing Rules and Regulations, without refund at any time.

Super 6 Soccer reserves the right to

·Expel, suspend or disqualify a team from the Competition subject to the Super 6 Soccer Playing Rules and Regulations and
· Expel, suspend or disqualify a player from the Competition subject to the Super 6 Soccer Playing Rules and Regulations. 

 Super 6 Soccer reserves the right to amend and alter the Super 6 Soccer Playing Rules and Regulations as may be determined necessary by Super 6 Soccer from time to time. If any amendment is made during the Competition, Super 6 Soccer will advise all teams of the amendments

By registering for any of Super 6 Soccers competitions your email will be placed on an email notification list. This means from time to time you will receive email notifications about new competitions. If you do not want to receive these email. You will need to send Super 6 Soccer an email asking to be removed from the list and notifications


Super 6 Soccer Privacy Policy

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The Company & Brands

Super 6 Soccer Pty Ltd (Super6) (ACN 137 395 281) directly owns and manages the Super 6 Soccer brand of six a side soccer competitions at various locations in Australia.


From time to time Super 6 may send you information promoting its six a side soccer competitions.

Collection of Personal Information:

As part of these Promotions or of the Registration to Play process Super 6  Soccer may collect your personal information. We only collect personal information in a fair and lawful manner.

Supplying personal information is a required part of the Registration to Play process. If you do not want to supply that information, Super 6 Soccer  may exclude your entry from participation in the Six a side Soccer competitions it manages . If this occurs Super 6 Soccer will not retain any information about you that may have been supplied.

Use of Information by Super 6 Soccer:

If you Register to Play with Super 6 Soccer, unless otherwise advised, you also agree to allow Super 6 Soccer to use your information for any future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes for any Super 6 Soccer brand or product. If Super 6 Soccer collected your personal information in relation to any one of its brands, you may receive material for the promotion of any other brand in the Super 6 Soccer portfolio.

In this respect we may send you special offers, newsletters, information about competitions or new venues, or even seek your opinion about our products. You are not compelled to respond to any contact we may make with you. Should you request us to do so, Super 6 Soccer will archive your information and you will not hear from us again.

Non Disclosure of Personal Information:

Super 6 Soccer will not release any of your personal information to any third party, unless required by law, without first obtaining your permission.

Your personal information may be disclosed to State and Territory lottery departments and winners’ names published as required under the relevant lottery legislation.

Access to Personal Information:

You can gain access to the information Super 6 Soccer holds about you at any time by contacting us We endeavour to keep the information you supply us accurate and up to date. If you feel the information we hold about you is incorrect please contact us and we will amend your details immediately.

Removal from List:

Please contact the Super 6 Soccer if you do not wish your information to be used for promotional and marketing purposes.

If at anytime you believe we have not adhered to these principles please let us know and we will make every effort to review and correct any problems. If you have any queries regarding your privacy please do not hesitate to contact us

Change to Terms:

All products, items and services presented on this website, including any promotions or information gathered by Super 6 Soccer, are subject to the terms and conditions current when placed on the site. Super 6 Soccer reserves the right, permissible by law, to add, delete or otherwise change these terms and conditions without notice.  It is your responsibility to read and understand these terms and conditions each time you enter this site.