While club Secretary then president of Balmain Soccer Club in 1997- 2002, I  ( Leo Cirillo) together with Mark Daly introduced a 6- a- side competition in 1997 (one of the first in Australia) to help raise funds for the soccer club, the competition started with 8 teams. The competition format, rules and regulations were developed by the committee, lead by Mark Daly, from scratch.  We grew the competition to about 30 teams in 2002.

I started the Super 6 Soccer competition after returning home from the World Cup in Germany in September 2006 in Leichhardt and Balmain - the competition was sponsored by The Balmain Wanderers Football Club. My aim was to offer small sided  social soccer to women firstly and secondly juniors, in addition to the men that loved to play. 

We moved to our home ground in Croydon, Centenary Park in 2005 and the competition grew to have Men's , Womens, over 35's and Junior competitions - to make it the best and most popular outdoor ,6 a side competition in the inner west.

It became so popular that teams wanted to play this great social competition during the winter. We now run both summer and winter competitions - making the only outdoor  6 a side competition to run all year round, in the inner west of Sydney. We  now run competitions  all over Sydney.  

Our field size and goal dimensions are unique- they allow for more open free flowing play and need skill to score in the mid sized hockey style goals.