Player Participation

Based on NSW goverment directive adult teams and players registered to play must be fully vaccinated by the time we kick off around 20 October. Teams will be asked to show proof of full vaccination. We will let teams know how this will be done prior to kick off.  

Players aged 13-18 -We are currently waiting on advice from NSW government regarding  particpation of this age category. We suspect that one dose  will be ok to play, while waiting to get second dose. 12- 18 year olds that do not have at least one dose and who are not intending to get vaccinated will not be permitted to play in our competition. Junior Players aged 5-12 will be permitted to play. 

Unregistered Players/players used from other teams

Teams cannot play an unregistered player at any time. 

Teams cannot play a disqualified or suspended or expelled player at any time.

Teams  now cannot  borrow players from other teams if they are short  (New Covid -19 Rules)

If you have registered 2 or more teams registered in a specific comp you cannot transfer players now at all. That is players cannot play in 2 teams unless they are registered and paid for both teams. (Covid 19- Rules) This will mean if a Covid-19 case arises less other team will be affected.

Team sheets will have to be filled and signed by each participating player for each game